Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Ok, I just couldn't resist. Emma's favorite color is pink, and when I saw this pink/navy blue striped onesie for Mac, I just couldn't resist!! I love the way it looks!! He wore it to church this morning, and Emma wore the cute pink/black outfit. I bought both of the outfits when we were in Branson this week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

First Hair Cut

Not really sure about what is going on!!
Mrs. Diane cutting Mac's hair!
Before shot...back of hair.
Before shot...side of hair!!
Before shot...front of hair!!

I took Mac this morning for his first official hair cut!! He did a great job of sitting in the chair for Mrs. Diane. He fussed a little, but I didn't have to hold him. I'll post after pictures later...he went to Grandma's after this since he hasn't seen her all week. I'll have to take pics of the "after hair cut" when he gets home!!

My Silly Son

Mac figured out while we were at the hotel that he is still small enough to fit in a drawer...he even told me he wanted to sleep there!! Enough said!!

Spring Break- Wednesday

My son's great manners while eating ice cream!!
More great manners!!
Ice cream also serves as make-up!!
Emma eating her ice cream very lady-like!!
Emma checking out the horses at Dixie Stampede.
Our tickets for the Imax movie "Under the Sea."
Emma and Mac riding the horse while waiting for our movie to start.
Chasing the toy pig in the store at the Imax complex.
"Mac" the horse at Dixie Stampede.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed some shopping and fun family time. We started out by hitting the Tanger Outlet Mall so I could do some shopping for the kiddos. They both needed some new spring clothes. Emma has nothing to wear for spring, so I got her a few things to hold her over until her birthday in April. Mac got lots of spring clothes for his birthday, but I figured he would be in 24 months by now, so that's what I told everyone to buy...he is still wearing 18 months. After shopping at Tanger, we stopped by Dixie Stampede to check out the horses (they had one named Mac), and then we went to McFarlin's Restaurant for some was great! We started out with fried green tomatoes and fried sweet potatoes. The kids had macaroni and cheese and applesauce, I had a loaded baked potato and salad, and Randall had a spinach salad. It was all great. After lunch, we wandered around the complex for a while. We took in the Imax film "Under the Sea" while we were there. Emma and Mac loved looking at all the facinating fish and other animals. They both sat through the entire movie being very good (they did both fall asleep towards the end of the movie). After the movie, we headed back to the room to rest for a while. After resting, we went back down to the Branson Landing for a little more shopping, the to the Australian Outback for supper. The kids got ice cream with their dinner. Our waitress was nice enough to bring us 2 ice creams even though the kids split a dinner. Mac decided to use his as make-up, then he wanted to eat it like a dog...I promise, I do try to teach my kids manners!! All in all, we had a great day!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break- Tuesday

Tuesday was a very busy day for us. We started off by visiting the Butterfly Palace. I've always wanted to go there, but this was our first time. We started off by watching a 15 minuted 3-D informational movie, then we went in to start viewing the butterflies. We got to do this at our leisure. The kids ran around and enjoyed looking at all the butterflies and birds. After they grew tired of the butterflies, we headed down to the mirror maze. Emma LOVED it. She made us go through it 3 times. We also view their "critter corner" full of lizards, frogs, and TURTLES!! We went through the gift shop, then headed to the Hard Luck Diner for lunch. I thought the kids might enjoy this because of the singing waiters and waitresses. I was right. Emma suddenly became shy when one of the waiters came over to sing to her. Mac was the exact opposite. He loved it when a waitress came to sing to him. After lunch, we headed towards Ft. Leonard Wood, where my brother, who is a Captain in the Army, is stationed. It was raining pretty hard as we got to Springfield, so we just had to stop at Bass Pro to let the storm get by. We got to Randy and Irene's a little after 4:00. Emma and Mikayla played with each other while Mac enjoyed playing with the dogs. After Randy got home from class, we went to see their new house, which is still being built, then headed out for some Mexican food. Although our visit was WAY too short, we had a great time. We headed back to Branson about 7:00. When we got back to the hotel, Emma and I went swimming while Randall put Mac to bed. It was a long, busy day, but we enjoyed every minute!!

Spring Break- Monday

Since I was on Spring Break this week and I would be keeping Emma and Mac at home with me all week, Randall decided to take vacation. We left Monday morning and headed for Branson. We were in no hurry to make it to our destination since we couldn't check into our hotel until 3:00. We decided to take a picnic lunch and stop at Tyler Bend (between Marshall and Harrison) to eat. By that time, Emma and Mac were anxious to get out and stretch their legs. We went down to the river and let them play. Mac enjoyed throwing rocks into the river while Emma enjoyed collecting seashells. After sight-seeing for a while, we headed back up to the pavillion to eat. I had packed ham and tortilla roll-ups and chips. We ate lunch, then headed on our way. When we arrived at our hotel (a little early), we were told that our room was not ready for us. We headed down to Branson Landing to visit Emma's favorite store...Build-A-Bear. We have been using a Build-A-Bear fund as discipline around the Martin household. When the kids are good, they get change to deposit. When they are bad, they have to take money out and give us. This seems to be working for Emma, but it is also a deposit for Mommy and Daddy's spare change. Our plan was to take this money and half it between Emma and Mac. Emma made Hello, Kitty. Mac didn't want to make anything, so the cashier told us about a store across the way. It was called Ride Makerz, and it was a Build-A-Bear for boys!! They got to make cars. Mac ended up making a dump truck, and he loves it. We will take him back next time we go to Branson so he can add things to it!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Bedding

Here is a pic of our new bedding...It's more of a bronze color, and it pulls in all the accessories in the bedroom. I still need to hang our mirror and my bridal portrait back on the wall, and I plan on doing that this weekend. I am still debating on if this is exactly what I want, but I keep telling myself that I do like it...I think it's just the fact that it's different than any other bedding Randall and I have ever had...we've always had animal print. Let me know what you think!!

Emma and Mikayla

Randy, Irene, and Mikayla came home last weekend. Randall, Mac, and I got to visit with them briefly on Friday night (they got here around 8:00), but Emma was spending the night with Grandma. We went back to Gramps and Grammy's house Saturday afternoon. Emma and Mikayla had a blast playing together, and Mac had just as much fun toddling along behind them!! I couldn't resist posting this picture. They went to the back of the house, and a few minutes later, rejoined the group in the living room. They had adorned themselves with Grammy's high-heeled shoes, Happy New Year crowns, and horns. They would take turns introducing each was hilarious. I joked that they were Kelly and Kristie, Junior, and anyone who every celebrated a birthday party at Memaw and Pepaw's house should get a kick out of that!! These girls remind me a lot of Kristie and myself as we were growing up!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hayden's Birthday Party

Decorating our pirate chests
Sitting on a couch in the play area

Velcro that idea!!!

Uh-oh!! Water play!! Very thankful for the drapes to wear!!

Build your own car track!! Mac found this first thing!!

Saturday we traveled to Little Rock to the Wonder Place for Hayden Goff's 3rd birthday party. We had never been to the Wonder Place, but we have figured out that it is a place we will return to. Emma and Mac had the best time running around and playing with everything available to them. Neither one of them were much into playing with the other kids, but enjoyed themselves nonetheless. One of Mac's favorite things to do was the water play. I loved it because of the drapes they had for the children to keep them dry. Emma seemed to enjoy the kitchen area (I am not surprised.) We want to thank Hayden, Mrs. Crystal, and "Uncle" Steven for inviting us!! We all had a wonderful time.

He did it!!

After sparadically sitting on the potty for less than a week, Mac finally peed tonight!! While I was giving Emma a bath, he came into the bathroom and said, "Mommy, pee-pee, potty." I sat him on the potty. A few minutes later he said, "All done." I asked him if he had pee-peed, and he said no. To my surprise, we he got up, he really HAD gone!! Needless to say, we praised him and sang a little song!! He was so excited that he had to keep going back and looking at it...he was too cute!! Maybe this means we are onto something...we'll see!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Potty!!

I am so excited!! After many tries of just going near the potty with meltdowns (I mean screaming so loud that it could be heard down the street!!), Mac has sat on the potty twice tonight...He didn't do anything, but at least we've made progress of sitting on it!! YEAH!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Outside Pics

These are just a few more pictures from the fun time we all had while playing outside yesterday. As you can tell, a fun time was had by all.

Our New Bed!!

Since Randall and I got married in 2002, we've had hand-me-down furniture in our bedroom. The only thing we actually owned were our nightstands. The bed was handed down by Aunt Debbie and Uncle Benjy, and the dresser was handed down by Momma and Daddy. We finally decided we wanted a bedroom suite of our own. We went shopping last Saturday and found this bed. I absolutely LOVE it!! We upgraded from queen size to king size. We still have our old night stands, but hopefully soon we can purchase the ones that match the bed and dresser. I am still looking for that perfect bedspread, but I haven't found it yet. Until then, we are stuck with the old one that is too small. I am looking constantly. I need something with light tans and beiges to brighten up the room. We are SOOO excited to have our new bed!!