Saturday, January 31, 2009

Outside Fun

These are a few pics that I just thought were cute. I think this was the beginning of January when we had a warm day. The kids enjoyed being outside. Mac decided he was big enough to ride Emma's 4-wheeler, so she decided to push him around on it since the battery was dead!! I love the picture of her face when she is trying with all her might to push!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reindeer Food

This year at Mac's Christmas party at Miss Renee's, he got Reindeer Food to put out on Christmas Eve. The kids and I spent the afternoon playing outside (since it was so nice) and putting out the food. Unfortunately, Randall was working, so he missed this. They sprinkled the food out and we decorated the sidewalk with chalk so the reindeer would know where their treats were.

Great neighbors

Our neighbors, Mr. Gary and Mrs. Becky, are wonderful. They both love Emma and Mac, and the kids love them. Mr. Gary dropped presents off for Christmas and the kids opened them later. Mac got a basketball goal to hang on the door (if you know Mr. Gary, you know who picked that out!!) and Emma got a Barbie. They were both so thrilled with their presents. We are so lucky and blessed to have Mr. Gary and Mrs. Becky in our lives!!

Birthday Cake

Ok, so I've been really bad lately at blogging. You would think that since I was off for 2 weeks at Christmas, I would be better, but I kept Emma and Mac home those two weeks, so quiet time on the computer to blog was unheard of. So here goes with several entries.

One of our Christmas traditions is to make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, we get up and sing Happy Birthday, then we eat the birthday cake. I let the kids make all the decisions on the cake, from what kind of cake we make to what the decorations look like. This year, Emma picked a chocolate cake with white icing. She wanted to write, "Happy Birthday, Jesus" in pink and put pastel star sprinkles on the cake.