Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mac's Dedication

Mac was dedicated on June 10, 2007. Randall and I knew we were doing the right thing. Mac is definitely a gift from God, and this was our way of showing that we were aware of this. We know that we want Mac raised in a Godly household, and wanted God to know that we were here to show Mac the correct and Godly way to live his life. We know that we are accountable for his spiritual life for now. We know that if it wasn't for God's grace and His answered prayers, Mac could possibly not be with us today. We appreciate all the prayers offered up on Mac's behalf. We knew at the time of his birth that someone was praying for us and for him every hour...the power of prayer works wonders.
Mac, Daddy and I love you very much. We know that you will grow up to be a wonderful and Godly man. We only hope that we can be great influences on you and show you how you should live your life.

In the Jumper

Mac played in his jumper for the first time tonight. He absolutely loved it!! He would play with the toys on the front, and actually jumped a couple of times. I think the time for this toy to come in handy is now!! He is getting a little tired of the swing, and absolutely hated his bouncy seat. This was a good investment that we got at a garage sale for $20.

My little sleepy head

Mac's nighttime sleeping patterns are blowing me away. Most nights he only gets up once (usually around 4:30) to eat, then is back to sleep for a while. He goes to bed around 10:00 after a bottle. Other nights, he will sleep for 8 hours straight!! This amazes me because Emma still doesn't sleep through the night. He is staying awake more during the day, so he is enjoying his night!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Colt and Mac
Mac and Emma had a playdate yesterday at Jayden's house. They had the best time...there was even a baby close to Mac's size there.
Jayden, Emma, Colt, and Mac

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A smile

If it wasn't for your grammy, I wouldn't have gotten this smile on camera. It seems like every time you do something cute and I try to get the camera, you stop immediately. We tricked you this time, though. Grammy got you smiling and I clicked the pic.

Future Mr. Right

Unfortunately, I just couldn't pass up this adorable outfit. I know every mom thinks that one day there will be a very lucky girl who snags her little man, and I am no different.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Successful Surgery

Mac's hernia surgery on Thursday was successful. When the doctor came in to look at him and talk to us before the surgery, he noticed that Mac had another hernia on the left side. The initial hernia was on the right. He decided to go ahead and fix both of them at the same time. The good part is that we only had to go in once. The bad part is that he has 2 incisions. He seems to be doing well. Today (2 days after surgery) has been a little rough. I am sure he is sore. He definitely takes to anestetics like his momma. We left him about 8:15 and surgery started around 8:45. They gave him a caudal for pain management, but it didn't take well. They had to give him morphine. He didn't wake up until 8:15 Thursday night. When he did wake up, he was a hungry but happy boy. Hopefully this is all the surgery we will have to endure.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

4 months old

You had your 4-month check up yesterday. Dr. Luy said you were doing great!!! You weigh 11 pounds exactly and are 21 1/2 inches long. Dr. Luy took you off your sodium and put you on iron and a multi-vitamin. We have to go to the hospital next Tuesday so they can draw some blood to see if you get to stay off the sodium. She also said we could take you off the preemie formula and start regular formula. She said for your corrected age (if you had been born on your due date) you are right on track. I asked her about when we would start you on cereal, and she said you would be 6-8 months old. That gives us a few more months until we have to worry about that.
You are smiling and laughing at everyone now. You love to interact with us, especially Emma.
We are dedicating you at church on Sunday morning. Your daddy and I are so excited about showing everyone that we know that you really belong to God, and we are only here to take care of you. We know that it is by God's grace that you are here, and that you are a healthy 4 month old. We love you!! Keep growing!!