Thursday, September 24, 2009

Team Impact

This week, Team Impact is at our church. They will continue to be there Friday-Sunday nights at 7:00, then at both services (8:00 and 10:30) on Sunday morning. If you have never witnessed this ministry, I invite you to join us at Valley Baptist Church. It is truly amazing the strength that God has given these men. They do unimaginable feats through Him. You can also check out their website at
Emma and Jordyn from her class at school. Can you tell Jordyn is not use to me taking pictures?
Allison, McKinley, Reagan, and Emma before Team Impact.
Getting pumped with the Spirit to break the concrete blocks.
Here it comes!!
The concrete blocks in ruins!!
Yes, he broke concrete blocks with burning towels on them!!
The dark spot in the middle of the fire is his arm/hand!!
It is said that the pressure inside this hot water bottle is the same of that inside a "Big Truck" before it explodes. Think he can do it?
Wow, that's big!! Guess what? He made it explode!!
He broke this bat behind his back!!
Attempting to bend this 1 inch thick steel bar into the Jesus fish shape.
...still working on it. Look at those biceps!!
Almost there!!
Getting ready for the next feat with the bed of nails...Brady was holding it to show it was real!! They hit it with a can of Sprite that exploded all over Brady!
Laying down on the bed of nails.
Laying on a bed of nails with another bed of nails on top of him...and added to that is a 300+ pound man!...and added to that....
he is bench-pressing a telephone pole that is 300-350 pounds!! He pressed for 10 reps!
Not only have I witnessed these guys at church the past 2 nights, I get to witness them at school tomorrow. They are coming to the middle school for 2 for 6th grade, then one for 5th grade!! I can't wait to see what my students say!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Animals at the White County Fair

Yes, we were the stupid ones who trekked out to the fair on "Free Night" in the rain to see the animals. What else do you expect? I refuse to pay the $22 it would've costed for my family to get in on any other night!! The kids loved feeding the animals and going through the exhibits. No rides for us, though. They were running despite the rain! Randall and I went back to the fair Thursday to work at the church booth, then we got to watch a little of the Ricochet concert...forgot my camera that night!
Randall, Mac, and Emma feeding the goats.
Emma feeding a cow.
Mac feeding a cow.
Mac petting the bull.
Emma with two baby goats.

My Child, My Child...

...just started kindergarten and is in trouble already!! She has had to move her student stick TWICE this week. I dread getting her conduct folder on Monday. This paper comes home weekly to give us a report on Emma's behavior. The first week they sent it home, she had one check for, get this, talking too much. Is that my child Mrs. Amy is talking about? No way, it can't be!! Am I surprised? Not at all...and Mrs. Amy said at that time it wasn't that she talked too much, but there wasn't a spot for talks too loud!! The next week, she had no checks, which was great. This week she had her student stick pulled for playing and talking under the table with 2 of her friends during center time. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, she had it pulled for writing with a dry erase marker...on another student! Oh, my!! What am I going to do with her?

White County Fair Parade, 2009

On Monday, September 14, the White County Fair kicked off. The first "official" act for the fair is the parade. Although I feel as if it leaves a little bit to be desired, Emma and Mac LOVE it!! Here are a few of the pics from the parade.
Emma with some of the goodies she got at the parade.
What does Mac see?
Fire kids love fire trucks!!
Mac watching the parade with Momma.
Mac wasn't too thrilled with getting his picture taken!!
Mac and Finley VanHook
Emma, Grammy, and Mac waiting for the parade to start. Momma had to go back to the van for the camera.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Emma's Kindergarten Grandparents' Luncheon

Today Emma had Grandparents' Luncheon at school for the kindergarteners. All Emma's grandparents got to come. She looks so happy! Although it was rush, rush, I think everyone had fun!
Emma waiting in line for lunch.
Emma talking to Gramps and Grandma. Where's Grammy? She's taking all the pictures!!
Emma with her ham, grapes, corn bread, and milk.
Grandmap, Emma, Grammy, and Gramps.
Little Miss loves her macaroni and cheese!!

Going to put her tray away.
Dropping off her tray.
Emma and her friends, Mary and Jasmine, heading to the playground...Fridays are the one day she wears her tennis shoes because she has PE.
Giving Gramps lovings before he leaves.

Just another day...

in the life of the Martin family. Our typical day starts off with Daddy up between 4:45 and 5:00 so he can take Grandma to work before he heads to Little Rock to the VA Hospital. I get up at 6:00 to start getting ready. I usually get Mac up at 6:15 and wake Emma up to tell her she has 10 more minutes (if she doesn't have this warning, our mornings are NOT FUN!!). I get Mac cereal (usually Frosted Cheerios or Apple Jacks) and chocolate milk. I finish getting ready, then get Emma up at 6:25. She gets her breakfast while I make sure Emma's backpack is ready with a snack and a stuffed animal to sleep with at nap, Mac's backpack has a few cars in it, and lunches are packed. I give the kids the 5 minute warning at 6:40 that it is almost time to get dressed. At 6:45, I usually get Mac dressed while Emma gets herself dressed. Mac gets teeth brushed and hair fixed, then Emma joins us in the bathroom to get her hair fixed and teeth brushed. We have a few more minutes to watch cartoons (Blue's Clues), then head out the door by 7:10. Emma and I drop Mac off with Miss Renee and Mr. Wayne, then I head to Westside to drop Emma off. Once both kids are dropped off, I head to the middle school for my day with students. Wow, it's busy, and the day just started!!

Emma with her backpack and her cereal ready to head out the door!!
Mac with his backpack. Since Emma has hers, he has to have his...except his has cars in it!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Salmon Patties

I got this recipe off a new show on the Food Network. It sounded great, so I thought I would try it.

Salmon Patties
1 baked potato
1/4 cup carmelized onions
bread crumbs
1 can of salmon
2 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 cup mayo
1 egg
pinch of sugar

Mix all ingredients together except salmon and bread crumbs. After it is mixed well, add the salmon. Mix gently. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out the salmon mixture and put it onto a plate covered with the bread crumbs. Cover completely. Smash softly and place in skillet with olive oil. Cook for 3 minutes on each side, or until they are golden brown...YUMMY!!!

Labor Day Fun

On Labor Day, Daddy went to deer camp with Gramps, so the kids and I enjoyed a nice, peaceful day at home. We didn't do much at all. I got the play-doh out. Emma and Mac had a great time, and didn't make too much of a mess. I already knew I was going to vacuum, so it was a great time to get it out.
Mac with his snake.
Emma trying to get the play-doh out for Mac.
Emma and Mac playing and having a great time.