Saturday, October 25, 2008

Air Show, 2008

Last Sunday we went to the Air Show at the Little Rock Air Force Base. Emma is really into planes, and Daddy had to work his EMRT tent that day, so we thought this would be a great opportunity for her. Both of the kiddos had a wonderful time!! They got to go inside planes and sit in the pilot's seat. They also loved watching the planes fly and do tricks in the air. We got to see the Blue Angels and Fat Albert (the C-130, I think, that flies with the Blue Angels). The cool part about the Blue Angels was that after the show was over, Randall had to stay and tear down the EMRT tent, and I noticed the Blue Angels were starting up to fly back to Florida. The kids and I went down to the tarmac. Everyone was gone except us and the lady from EMRT that walked down with us. As the pilots taxied their planes down the runway to get ready to take off, each pilot waved at the kids. I thought that was very special...and although the kids are probably too young to remember it, I will always remember how friendly those pilots were towards my children. Hopefully we can go back again next year. I know this post is a little picture happy, but I didn't know how to narrow it down. This isn't even 1/4 of the pics I took!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally...18 month clothes!!

We finally had to go up to 18 month clothes!! Mac can still wear some 12 month tops, but the pants were just too short. Of course, the 18 month stuff is still large, but it's better than being too small!! I am so excited. This shows that he is catching up to were he should be.

Get Down Downtown

Searcy held its first annual "Get Down Downtown" last Saturday. After a quick trip in the morning to the Rhea Lana consignment sale in Conway, Emma, Mac, and I made our trek out to the festivities. They had lots of interesting things for the kids to do. They had a huge slide and jump house, and they also had face painting. A former student of mine, Emma Howard, painted a butterfly on my Emma's face. Most of the fun for the kids was held in Spring Park. We spent most of our time actually playing on the equipment at the park. Emma got to show me how she had learned to go across the monkey bars. She is growing so fast...I can't believe we'll start kindergarten next year!!! Mac enjoyed just running around. After a while, he got tired and just sat in his stroller and watched Emma and Job Thomas (a friend from school who showed up while we were playing). We went home to let the kids rest and to wait for Randall to get home from deer camp. Later that evening, we went back down to the court square for a Billy Dean concert. It was great. There were lots of people out with their lawn chairs, and Billy showed up with just his band. It made it nice to be able to recognize that he still has his same old voice!! Emma fell asleep right after he started singing, but Mac was all fired up. He kept making circles around his stroller and the chair that Gramps was sitting in. Needless to say, he was ready to crash when we got home!! All in all, we enjoyed the first annual Get Down Downtown celebration and hope that it continues for several more years!! It's always nice to have something "free" to do!!