Monday, November 5, 2007

9 month check-up

Well, we visited Dr. Luy today for our 9 month check-up. Mac weighed 17 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 26 inches long. That's about average for a 6 month old. He doesn't even register for a 9 month old on the growth scale. Dr. Luy was very proud of the way he has progressed. He does have the beginnings of bronchitis, so she has put him on updraft (breathing) treatments every 4 hours, along with 2 other medications. Needless to say, we just added this to our long list. She is trying to keep it from turning into anything worse (such as RSV). At least we have a little boy who is constantly growing!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

9 months old

Tomorrow you will be 9 months old. I can't beleive it. You are rolling completely over. We are starting cereal at night, adding it to our morning feeding already. You are very vocal, and you are always a happy baby. You enjoy playing hide and seek, and you love your big sister. I just know that when I turn around, you'll be crawling.

Happy Halloween

Your first Halloween was very busy. Mommy and Emma picked you up from school, and we went home and changed you two into your outfits. You just wore some pjs that said "Baby's First Halloween." I knew a costume wouldn't be very comfortable. Emma was a tap dancer. We visited Grandma's, Memaw and Pepaw's, and Auntie Carolyn's houses before we went to church. Once at church, you stayed with Mrs. Debbie in the nursery while Emma and I attended the party at church. After we left church, we went to Amy and Doug's house, then finally to Grammy and Gramps's house. We were all exhausted after we got home, but it was fun while it lasted.