Monday, July 2, 2012

The Pantry Challenge

Okay, it's July, and I am going to try the pantry challenge that I found over at Good Cheap Eats. I know we have a ton of deer meat, fish, etc. in our deep freezer, so I plan on doing an inventory tomorrow while Emma and Mac are at church for Day Camp (after I go to the gym, of course!!). I want to try to start using more and wasting less. I have cut down on wasted food over the last year and a half or so by only buying groceries once a month, but I want to see how this works. I want to see if I can skip a month of buying groceries by only eating what I can find in our freezers, fridge, and cupboards. I won't have to plan for the next 2 weeks because we will be having supper next week at VBS, then we have something up our sleeves for the next week. (check back for pics, updates, etc.)

Check back later for updates on my pantry challenge, as well as my shopping trip to Walgreens today!!

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